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Locally grown lentils. They are the same seed stock as the famed Puy lentils from south central France. However, like Champagne, the Puy name is protected and the same produce grown or made outside its area of origin can’t use that name. The locally grown lentils are blackish green & speckled & already feature on some of the region’s best menus

We sell Central Otago saffron in a 2gm jar & we have semi dried smoked tomatoes from Hawkes Bay available


Some new & not so new item’s which may interest you…French duck fat 700gm, tubs of Sicilian green olives, la perruche brown & white sugar lumps, chardonnay vinegar ($16,95 for 500ml), cabernet sauvignon ($16,95 for 500ml) & champagne vinegar

Italian aged balsamic 2, 5 & 8 year old, tinned whole & pureed French chestnut’s, tinned escargot & also snail shells, truffle salt 30gm, dried forest mix ($39,95 for 500gm) & porcini mushrooms 500gm, tinned cippolini balsamico onions 2,6kg


QP mayonnaise kilo squeezy pottle, miso paste, roasted sesame dressing, Japanese green tea powder, tonkatsu bulldog sauce 1,8ltr, kilo bags of crispy shallots & togarishi seven spice 300gm

fresh wonton & dumpling wrappers, sesame seaweed salad, dried bonito flakes, kombu, black glutinous rice


French goats cheese ‘chevre buche’ 1kg vacuum packed log for $39,95

grana padano & parmigiano reggianno. These are both from the LSM brand & D.O.P ‘A’ grade. The grana is aged between 12-18 months & the reggianno 18-24 months. The grana won a supergold medal at the World Cheese Awards which means it was voted one of the best 25 cheeses among more than 2,500 submissions! Italian gorgonzola 150gm $9,75 & pecorino available for $30 kilo


Marlborough flaky sea salt, rock salt, Maldon flaky salt, fleur de sel (only small quantities) & guerande rock salt


equagold 53% & 70% dark chocolate couverture ‘Belgian Style’. This is a very popular product amongst our customers. Available in kilo bags or in a 6,25kg blocks

vanilla pods available & also vanilla bean paste 944ml from the nielsen massey brand for $88,20


gluten free, organic white & wholemeal spelt, pastry, soy,chana, white organic, stoneground, tempura, semolina & OO, organic buckwheat, self raising, maize & corn, baker’s & wholemeal, organic rye & strong flour’s available